Dimpled Membranes

Dimpled Membranes

Membrana Bugnata Membrana Bugnata Membrana Bugnata

Laying for the protection of foundation walls
1) Unroll the dimpled membrane with the dimples facing the wall, already waterproofed, making sure you overlap adjacent rolls longitudinally by about 20 cm. For greater protection, join the edges of the two rolls using waterproof bituminous strips. 2) Fix guttabeta® profile to the edge and nail it down using the JNH 40 plugs or steel nails. 3) Then fix the membrane using fixing buttons or steel nails. 4) Once the fixing operation is done, fill in with soil. 5) Prior to the fixing, make sure it is compatible with the waterproofing system of the wall.

Membrana Bugnata

Laying as an alternative to the concrete layer for foundations and/or barrier to capillary rising of humidity.
1) After compacting the soil, place a layer of guttatex® geotextile fabric over it, making sure the edges overlap by about 20 cm. 2) After unrolling guttabeta® Star, position gutta® WZ electro-welded net, supporting it with the special spacers. 3) Cast the concrete slab. The flooring will be protected against rising humidity, and guttabeta® Star will contribute to making the structure more stable.

Membrana Bugnata
Material High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Colour Black
Certified mechanical resistance 320 kN/m2 (32 t/m2)
Dimple height approx. 7 mm
Number of dimples per m2 approx. 1860
Air volume between dimples approx. 5 l/m2
Drainage capacity 4,6 l/s/m
Thermal stability From -40°C to +80°C protect from UV rays
Physical-chemical properties Resistant to chemical agents, resistant to roots, does not pollute the water-bearing stratum, resistant to contamination from fungi and bacterial, non degradable
Combustion class F - DM 15/03/05
Size Packing
1,0 m height 4 rolls
from 1,5 to 2,5 m height: 12 rolls
from 3,0 to 4,0 m height: 16 rolls